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My name is Jeff Adcock and I am a business mentor\coach\consultant based in Orange County CA. In an effort to help you understand if we are a good fit here is a brief overview of my focus and skill set.

I am a 20 year software executive that loves the leading edge of anything that brings leverage to organizations and\or people. I love business and really love finding ways to get more production and leverage out of existing businesses (not to say I don’t like start-ups, love them too).

I have what many have called a sixth sense when it comes to business and markets. No, I don’t see dead people, but I do see leverage opportunities that most people can not see (even in markets I know little about prior to being hired). Many people call these leverage opportunities strategic alliances or business development I say that is too narrow of a view. Many times to grow a business in new routes to market you must first decide what changes you need to make internally first.

If you feel your company or division is stuck or should be growing at a faster clip you are in my wheel house. I have helped every company I have worked for increase revenue by significant amounts through strategic alliances formed with the goal of leveraged revenue growth. The growth strategies often require changes to product road-maps, process and messaging. I bring years of experience as a business line manager over product development, sales manager for both traditional and technical, corporate strategist and operations.

In 2006 I transitioned out of working as an employee for one company and started a consulting business that helps companies through many parts of business. I can coach any stage from those just starting to those that have been in business 30 years and feel stuck. I can help you grow a sales team either from scratch or just make tweaks to get more revenue including picking and implementing the right tools for leverage, hiring good talent, and developing new routes to market and growing existing channels.

The bulk of my work is in Strategic Leverage, this includes product road maps, marketing messages that better positions your value proposition, leveraging sales departments through all points of a sales funnel including velocity. The goal of all my engagements is to increase revenue, that is the life blood of any business.

If you are still interested fill out the brief form below and you will get an email that further qualifies my work and my rates to see if we are a good fit. If you still aren’t sure fill out the form and we can talk through it.

Thanks for stopping by my site, I hope to hear from you soon.

Jeff Adcock

P.S. Yes I do some personal coaching, public speaking and other engagements fill out the form and we can discuss.


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Are you Hungry?

by Jeff Adcock

Sitting down to watch the Super Bowl I am impressed by a few players and the lesson we can learn from them.

We are all familiar with the Michael Jordan story. As a freshman MJ was cut from the freshman basketball team, even at his acceptance speech in to the NBA hall of fame Michael was still focused on this event from over 30 years ago.

Michael Jordan was Hungry.

He was hungry to win, hungry to be the best basketball player on the court every night. It is interesting that he seemingly lost that hunger when he stepped out of the league to play baseball. That time away brought Michael back to the NBA hungry for more and resulting in 3 more consecutive NBA titles.

Fast forward to the Super Bowl today. There are two starters on the Green Bay Packers team that have remained Hungry. They have not let failure or rejection stop them from achieving their dreams.

Sam Shields went undrafted in 2010 and fought for a job at Green Bay. Hungry to prove he was as good as those that were drafted when he was not Sam has played in 14 of 16 regular season games, 3 playoff games including a game sealing interception to send the Packers to the Super Bowl. He set a NFL rookie record with two interceptions, a sack and a forced fumble in the playoffs.

Sam’s teammate on defense is Clay Matthews. Clay was drafted 26th in the NFL draft, has already made the Pro Bowl and is anchoring the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. A very impressive feat for a player that just 5 years ago was walking on to the USC football team because they would not offer him a scholarship.

There are many things that these highly successful athletes share, but at the core they stayed hungry.

They didn’t let other’s opinions, failure and even out right rejection take their hunger away, instead they let it fuel them. So as you sit down today watching some of these great athletes, I hope you take just a minute to ask yourself.

Are you Hungry?


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